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The following is a letter that the North Georgia News refused to print unless it was printed as a PAID ad.
Certainly, as a private business, the North Georgia News is free to print (or not) anything they choose.
They choose to not expose their readers to opposing views that might cause them to think. Fortunately, we have other venues. Please SHARE this with your neighbors. We will have more unpublished letters in the weeks to come, and if you should write a letter that is not published, please share to this page.
The E-SPLOST referendum, which will be on the May 22nd ballot, authorizes the School Board to issue up to $13.5 MILLION in general obligation bonds. Is it wise for voters to allow this?
The school board swears that they have no intention of issuing bonds, and would NEVER do it unless there was a catastrophe. However….
This School Board today is not the school board we will likely have for the entire 5 year life of the E-SPLOST. There are 3 seats up for election in November of this year, there will be 2 up in 2020, and 3 again in 2022. This E-SPLOST, if passed, will run until September of 2023. Today’s School Board Members cannot possibly know what the next school board will do, even as early as next January. Therefore, their promise is meaningless.
Voting for the E-SPLOST is not just about the $21 MILLION in taxes we know we will pay. It is also about the possibility of the additional $13.5 MILLION we may become obligated to pay. Vote NO on May 22.
Pat Thibodeaux

Newest High School Addition

While this is certainly a lovely addition, could someone please explain why the Union County High School needs this when we have the North Georgia Technical College right down the road? Questions we should be asking – How much did this cost? What is the proposed curriculum? How many students will be enrolled in these classes? And most importantly, when schools all over the country and Georgia are consolidating resources, WHY ARE WE DUPLICATING facilities that we have right here in our small county of less than 25,000 people and less than 850 high school students? Because of the SLUSH FUND called ESPLOST.

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  1. I am a resident in Florida and Georgia. Usually a School Board outlines what the funds for any project will be used for and how it will benefit the students and the community. The Young Harris E-SPLOST project is for all ages for recreation and exercise. How will the Union County project funds be used? How will it enhance the curriculum?


  2. Union county is a retirement county. You have done an excellent job of documenting the school age enrollment of which we pay school taxes. If Union County wants to “gin” up needs in the community and thus make the case for charging higher taxes to retirees on fixed incomes, Union County needs to enhance the quality of life for its tax payers who are retirees.


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