What your neighbors really think.

If you really want to see a waste of school tax money being wasted visit the high school and the arts center parking and the plan for building and parking. They paid One Million for that plan. I’m not an designer but what a waste of property. That entire hill should have been flattened. I see kids walking in the rain to class up steps.” – LC “This School Board needs to Stop spending. Someone needs to Investigate All of their programs and unnecessary items purchased.” – JH
“We also need to find out why it cost 2.4 million to put up a metal building with a few stalls in it” – LM
“Something wrong with this board” – RS
“We already pay high school tax. Need to reduce spending” – PI
“We as senior citizens are paying way to much tax.
Clean house a problem is with in the school system!!” – MS
“This school board is totally out of control!!!” – WN
“Don’t need E splost! School tax is a very high tax as we already know and the board spends money like crazy.” – JB
“How do we stop this??” – GL

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  1. The projects that have been completed will require maintenance before too long. Guess where that money will come from? Projects that pay their way ( Farmers market) will be able to pay for these costs because they produce income from sales. Recreational projects as a rule don’t have the ability and are subject to swings in the economy.


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